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Direct Connect Messengers , No Need to Install on Computer

If you are in College or in Office, and You want to Chat with Your Friends, then don't need to Download & Install the Messenger on System.Just Open the Website & Use &Connect your Account Directly on MSN , Yahoo, AOL, GoogleTalk Messengers.

For Link Click Here

Windows 7 Editions & Detail

Microsoft released Windows 7 , users have to choose an edition that better suits to their requirements. In this blog, we will try to compare all four editions of Windows 7, namely ‘Starter’, ‘Home Premium’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Ultimate’.

‘Starter’, the basic one: Starter is a very basic edition of Windows 7, which is made to provide you the basic user experience, it will allow you to use Windows 7 OS with low available computer resources, and this operating system also does not have multimedia capabilities with it.

Common Features for Windows 7 ‘Home Premium’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Ultimate’ Editions: All three editions of Windows 7 have multiple features available with them, like all these editions have many enhanced customization options for taskbar, desktop and program menus. All three editions of Windows 7 have support to create home network with ease, they all have built-in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 browser, and you can also watch and record TV on the PC.

Features Common in Windows 7 ‘Professional’ and ‘Ultimate’ (not available with ‘Home Premium’): Both, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate have the feature to run most of the Windows XP based softwares, these edition support ‘Windows XP Mode’ enabling users to run applications developed for Windows XP. Domain based networking is available for these two editions, they also provide the feature to take system’s full backup and restore it.

Features available only with Windows 7 ‘Ultimate’: This edition has some additional features that includes data encryption tool ‘BitLocker’, which provides data protection for PC and portable storage devices, which provides you the data protection against theft or loss. This edition of Windows 7 also has support for 35 different languages enabling you to work in language of your own choice, which makes ‘Ultimate’ a multilingual edition.

Which edition is right for you?

Microsoft Windows 7 ‘Starter’ is recommended for users who want basic operating system capabilities, this OS is optimized for use with netbooks and notebooks with low hardware resources.

Windows 7 ‘Home Premium’ is more suitable for the home users who want a better multimedia experience. It has a price tag of $119.99.

Windows 7 ‘Professional’ provides better security, backup and restore features, this edition is recommended for business use, but home users who have to connect to their company network securely will also need this edition of Windows 7. The price of this edition is $199.99.

Windows 7 ‘Ultimate’ provides you the most powerful features, it has all the capabilities available with other editions of Windows 7 plus the features of data encryption and multilingual support, this edition is recommended for advance corporate users. The price tag of this edition is $219.99.

Google Transliterate

Google Transliteration a Web Base Language Conversion to Any Language.

for English to Urdu Translation Click here

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Turn USB Storage Device into Bootable Disc

Turn USB Storage Device into Bootable Disc

Ever had the problem of having a computer without a floppy drive and needing to boot into DOS?

This file will turn a USB Storage device into the equivalent of a bootable floppy, with also the added extra of having the DOS interactive version of Norton Ghost


1.Please note that when extracting files from the zip to make sure you have the "Use Folder Names" option Checked

2.Install SP27213.exe

3.Run the installed application

4.Select apporpraite device, file system and volume label

5.Check Create DOS Start up Disc and then click sub option of "Using Dos System Files Located at"

6.Select the folder DOS System Files (These are for Win XP Only, for all other OS you will need to download the files from somewhere)you just extracted from the zip

7.Click Start

8.Copy Folder GBDF over to USB Device To have Norton Ghost Installed

Warning: This Process will format your USB Device

Size 5.43 MB


Microsoft Fix It Center Online: Automatically Detects Windows Problems & Repairs Them

Microsoft Fix It Center Online is a free tool by Microsoft that automatically detects any problem in Windows & repairs it. It’s currently in BETA stage.

Microsoft Fix it Center makes getting support easier than ever, with tools that help solve the issues you have now and prevent new ones.

  • Easy to Install and Run: Easy-to-use wizards will guide you through the set-up process and help you anytime you need support.
  • Automated: With automated troubleshooters, Fix it Center helps solve issues with your PC, even if you’re not sure what the exact problem is. Fix It Center scans your device to diagnose and repair problems, then gives you the option to “Find and fix” or to “Find and report.
  • Preventive Care: By helping you find and fix issues before they become real problems, Fix it Center helps keep your PC running smoothly and automatically downloading the latest solutions.

Fix it Center works on:

* Windows XP SP3
* Windows XP Pro (64-bit) SP2
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows Server 2003 SP2
* Windows Server 2008
* Windows Server 2008 R2

Click to Download

CheckDrive: Freeware to Scan and Fix Hard Drive Crash and Errors

CheckDrive offers you an easy way to check your hard drives for errors. CheckDrive may detect and fix hard drive errors that might appear on system crashes or when switching off your PC without a proper Windows shutdown. If you ever had a system crash then CheckDrive is for you.

CheckDrive offers you an easy way of checking your PCs hard drives for errors. Those errors can be fixed immediately if you like.

It also shows info about your drives and determines if your hard drive needs to be cleaned or defragmented.

It provides ribbon interface which looks good.

Its absolutely free and can be used in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Once you install it, you'll need to get your free code to use the program. Just run the app and enter your email ID, first name and last name and submit the details. It'll immediately send the free code to your email.

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How to make Bootable CD???

I Heard from many Student's asking what is Bootable,whats the use of it and how to make bootable CD.After reading this tutorial you will be saying that making bootable CD is the easiest job I have ever done.

So lets start :

1- First copy all data from your XP Installation CD (Specially i386 folder) to a folder say "INFRA".
2- To make a Bootable CD first we have to add all data to MAGIC ISO.
3- To Download Magic ISO Maker Click here
4- Install & Register it with Serial given with Setup.
5- After installing it open it and go to add files and add all content from "INFRA" folder made above.

See this screen shot for help

Click on Add Directory/Folder Button or Drag a Folder to Top

2- then Click on Tool then Click Load Boot Image

3- Click in "From Bootable Image File" then Click Browse & Select Boot.bif file & Burn the CD or Click Save as ISO to save it to Your Hard Disk as a Backup Bootable CD.

Download :
1- Magic ISO Maker
2- Boot.bif


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